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EverGreen Lawn & Plant Care offers six seasonal services to maintain beautiful and healthy trees and shrubs. We will schedule a free tree and shrub analysis to evaluate your needs 1. Early Season - Dormant oil-   We treat your trees and shrubs for control of over wintering insects such as scale as well as insect eggs that live through the winter months that can cause damage into the spring. 2. Spring Time Fertilization- We feed your trees and shrubs with essential nutrients to stimulate growth, flowering, leaf size, and color. We spot treat for insect and disease as necessary. 3. Early Season Insect and Disease - We treat your trees and shrubs to protect them against insects, mites, and diseases that can damage young foliage. 4. Summer- We apply targeted treatments to further protect your trees and shrubs against insects, mites, and diseases. 5. Late Summer- We continue treatments to protect your tree and shrubs against chronic pest and disease that can damage your foliage during late summer. 6. Fall Deep Root Fertilization - We prepare your trees and shrubs for cooler season by injecting important nutrients that will nourish them.
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Treatments are scheduled every six weeks apart with a reminder call. There are no contracts to sign so you can discontinue at any time. EverGreen Lawn & Plant Care is dedicated to quality service and professional care. Call today for a free analysis 254-855-1223 or 254-717-8438
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