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Fertilizations are needed in a steady supply to provide the proper balance of nutrients during the hot summer months into the fall. We use the right nutrients required for your type of lawn being St Augustine, Bermuda or Zoysia, applying early spring for best results. Weed Control- Our fall pre-emergent weed control takes care of weeds before they emerge and sets the foundation of your overall appearance going into the spring. Our Grassy weed control program designed to kill Dallas grass, Nutsedge, Crabgrass and other problem weeds has a no charge follow-up as many times as needed to get the job done. Insect Control- Central Texas has many types of insects that feed on the grass, damages the roots and cause damage to shrubs & trees. Our licensed technicians provide the best control from grub worms to webworm in trees and any other problem insects. Disease Control- Our area has its share of Brown Patch on lawns as well as Leaf Spot on plants. Our service will guarantee a good recovery from both of these deadly diseases. Core Aeration- After summers with little rain; this service is very beneficial for your lawns to cultivate the soil to promote better ventilation for water and nutrients to reach the roots. Fire Ant Control- Our service provides excellent coverage of your lawn and flowerbeds with a one-year guarantee. Deep Root Fertilization for trees and shrubs - This service is done in the fall and spring only. We apply micronutrients and balanced fertilizer deep into the ground to help promote a better root base.  
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